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Frequently Asked Questions, Kayaking

Do I have to have previous kayaking experience?
No, although a reasonable level of health and fitness is required to enjoy the tour, no previous experience is necessary. You will be given detailed kayaking instruction before the tour and familiarised with your kayak. If you wish you can ask to go in the front of the double kayak, this will make the experience easier as you will only need to think about paddling, not steering. Also it is not all kayaking, walking and relaxing on the shore is part of the experience.

What happens if the weather is not suitable on the day?
If the weather is not suitable for kayaking on the day, we will do our best to contact you before the tour departure to postpone, cancel or offer an alternative. If the tour is cancelled and you have pre paid we will reimburse you in full. If you have booked the four hour kayak tour we can offer the Wairau Lagoon by vehicle tour at no extra cost.

Will I fall out?
Extremely unlikely although not impossible. Our double kayaks are chosen for their stability and ideal for beginners.

Is my camera gear safe?
We cannot guarantee the safety of your equipment. We do supply dry bags but most serious photographers soon discard them so they have their camera ready for that magic shot.

What clothing and foot wear will I need to bring? 
When you book the tour you will receive by email or phone, information on what to bring.  “Please bring a camera and water bottle. Kayak boots are available if required.  Bring hats and sunblock for hot weather, but also bring a warm jacket in case the weather changes; these can be stowed in the kayaks”. You might like to consider bringing a change of clothing as sometimes paddle splashes mean your clothes get a little wet.

I can’t swim can I still go for a kayak tour?
Yes, as long as you have a life jacket on, you will float. The river and lagoon is shallow in most places.

Will my children be safe on the tour?
If you are bringing children please contact us in advance to discuss their individual needs. Our policy is that children must be eight or older and accompanied by a parent or guardian. We are an independently audited activity and all guides have current first aid certification.

I have a medical or physical disability, will this affect my ability to take a kayak tour?
Check with your GP first, then give us a call. If we are are comfortable with taking you out on tour after this, we will discuss your issue with you in detail so we can tailor your tour for your maximum enjoyment and safety.

Will there be sand-flies or mosquitoes?
Very unlikely.

How much paddling will I have to do?
Our slogan is ‘New Zealand’s nature at your pace’. We customise our tours and give you options out on the water. Paddling is only 75% of the tour, a good amount of time is walking and relaxing and taking in the tranquil atmosphere.

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