Our Commitment to carbon offset of our emissions

Reducing our footprint and making a difference

As a team we are love the wildlife and environment that we have the privilege to work in. The Mauri or life force nurtures all of our physical, mental and spiritual well being. With the advent of less than natural living we become disconnected from the Mauri forgetting that it is part of us; neglect to care for it in ways that are respectful. We try to lead by example always understanding that modern life is a series of compromises but we do not let this deter us from striving for the very best. We welcome you to join us on this eternal journey to a global awakening.

Policies and practices

We check tyre pressures before each tour.

We ask clients for permission to use an open window instead of air conditioning on a hot day or to at least turn it down to cut down on the carbon footprint.

We service vehicles twice a year.

We have updated our fleet to more modern more carbon efficient vehicles.

We plan to change to electric vehicle as soon as these will not compromise client safety.

Tiaki Promise

How we are saving on emissions now

  • We work from home saving on commuting
  • Our tours are high value, small visitor number, low mileage, around 9,000 km per annum
  • We try to source local produce for lunches and we offer refillable metal water bottles
  • We plant one tree for each tour taken
  • We own an eight hectare covenanted wetland which is a carbon sink
  • We recycle and use reusable bags for shopping
  • We only wash vans when they are really dirty, otherwise we wipe them down
  • We have upgraded our fleet to more modern vehicles, Toyota Hiace 2013 and Fortuner 2016
  • Toyota is leading the world in carbon reduction research and this is the brand we have chosen for their reliability, reducing the need to replace
  • Member of TIAs Commitment to Sustainable Tourism
  • We donate money to community causes in the areas in which we operate
  • D'Urville Island - we give $300 to the community led D'Urville Island Stoat Eradication Trust each time we tour there.
  • Muzzle Station - On the suggestion of the station owners we donate $1000 each season to the the Kaikoura Agricultural and Pastoral Show to promote fine wool merino fibre to support the traditional family owned high country farms.

Carbon footprint and mitigation

We calculated that our tour fuel use for 2018 -19 season is predicted create 4.4274 tonnes of carbon for the year.  http://www.carbonify.com/carbon-calculator.htm

We need to plant 23 trees per annum to offset this total, we already have a policy to plant one tree per tour which would be predicted to be 33 trees this season based on this calculation. Our business is there therefore on target.

In autumn 2019 we planted over 800 plants on our riparian strip with the help of wine company Opawa Wines. The planting was completed with the help of the Marlborough Climate Change Action Youth and other community members.

We would like to thank the support of the community and our customers who have made our projects successful.