Covid 19 Update

Covid 19 Update

We support the fight against Covid 19 as per our Government's guidelines.

We have been accepting bookings for next season, 2021, 2022, however we will be working closely and regularly with Work Safe New Zealand to gauge the safety of our tours proceeding.  We are aware that our you as our customer maybe in the vulnerable age group and will not be taking unnecessary risks. We also do not want to spread the virus to our isolated communities which we visit.


Because of Covid 19 we have revised our cancellation policy as follows:

If  you have booked a tour which has been postponed by us due to the Covid 19 virus, we will transfer your seat to a later tour up until 2022. This is in line with our suppliers policies.




If you have an underlying health condition as set down by the Ministry of health we require that you get a written permission from your GP to join the tour, alternatively we highly recommend that you book for a later season.


We have revised our health and safety policies and tour safety briefing to protect everyone.

When you sign up for our tour you will be asked to agree that if you have any signs of cold or flu before the day of tour departure that you will let us know. We also ask that you agree that if you start to show symptoms on the tour that you will advise us so we can arrange for you to return home where you can get medical attention and be more comfortable.


We deliver a safety brief before each tour and this will include our recommendations with regard to Covid 19.

We will take and record all of our temperatures each morning using a contactless thermometer.

You will have your own seat throughout the tour.

We will continue with our basic hygiene measures such as food and drink being individually packaged.


We will continue to provide hand sanitiser and tissues on tour.

We clean the inside of our vehicles between with commercial grade lemon scented disinfectant. We used to use vinegar for the environment but this is not recommended for the Covid 19 virus so we have changed this practice.

All catering will now be provided as individual packages, no more sharing platters or bowls until the risk is over. You will be given your own mug with your name on it to use throughout the tour.

We will be consulting with our accommodation and tour service providers to ensure that they are also operating to best practice.

If you have any other concerns about Covid 19 with regard to your tour, please call us. We are all in this together and together we can eradicate the virus so we can get together again.

Here is a link to the Government's Ministry of Health's website for Covid 19