Chatham Islands – Rēkohu

8 Day Tour to Chatham Islands, Rēkohu/Wharekauri

We are incredibly privileged to have the opportunity to be hosted by Greg and Rosemarie Horler of Awarakau Lodge who have the contacts to ensure we can responsibly visit the island's historical and natural highlights, accessible only by private land.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the island's community for sharing the island's treasures with us.

Chatham Islands is a must do experience for all Kiwis. Situated about 800 km to the East of Christchurch, the Chatham Islands are New Zealand’s most Easterly territory. An archipelago of 11 islands, of which only two (Pitt and Chatham) are inhabited and a total population of about 600 people.

Experience the warm welcome and share the unique lifestyle of the islanders. Learn about this isolated island's history with stories of the Moriori, Maori, whalers & sealers, missionaries, fishermen and farmers who have settled here.

The Chatham Islands has many rare species unique to the islands. These species include the parea (Chatham island pigeon), Chatham Island tui, threatened seabirds such as tāiko and the many threatened plant species such as nau/Cook’s scurvy grass which are unique Chathams.

For photographers the island has some of the most beautiful and rugged scenery in the World, so make sure you bring plenty of memory cards and the battery charger for your camera.

If weather permits you have the option of a day trip to Pitt Island, Rangiaotea/Rangiauria. This Island is the second largest island in the Chatham Archipelago. It may only be 6300 hectares, but it carries a precious cargo of some of the world’s rarest birds and plants. There are some 800+ hectares set aside as Scenic Reserves. These provide a secure habitat for the many bird species that live there.

The Chatham Islands have an incredibly rich human and natural history. You will learn about the heritage of these beautiful islands directly from Chatham Islanders.


Departure dates:


Departure from Auckland :

Sat 11th Dec 2021

Return to Auckland:

Sat 18th Dec 2021


Departure from Christchurch:

Tues 18th Jan 2022

Return to Christchurch:

Tues 25th Jan 2022


Departure from Wellington:

Mon 28th Feb 2022

Return to Wellington:

Mon 7th Mar 2022


$5,350 per person

Twin share, shared bathroom

$5,500 per person

Twin share, private bathroom


Due to the limited availability of accommodation at the island, single supplement is limited to two persons per trip.


Optional day trip to Pitt Island $400 per person.


Group size


7 nights, 8 days.

Twin share at the beautiful Awarakau Lodge with our local hosts Greg and Rosemarie Horler.


Flying with Air Chathams. At Chathams Islands we will travel in a van. Read about the Air Chathams fleet here.


pool sponsors

We have a pledge to financially support the Chatham Island Community Swimming Pool upgrade by donating $100 for each guest we bring to the island.

This our small way to say thank you to the Islanders who warmly welcome us

Awakaura Lodge
Warm hospitality (photo Awarakau Lodge)

Basalt Columns, Chatham Islands
Basalt Columns (photo Awarakau Lodge)

Chatham Islands
(photo Awarakau Lodge)

Chatham Islands
(photo Awarakau Lodge)


Tour Features

  • You will be met at the Airport at Departure and helped with check in.
  • Accommodation and catering supplied by our local host Rosemarie and Greg Horler of Awarakau Lodge.
  • Guided tours with Greg.
  • Visit many of the island’s places of historic and natural interest thanks to prior the arrangements made by Greg and Rosemarie with local land owners
  • An optional day trip to Pitt Island will be organised if weather permits
  • Wonderful photographic opportunities in one of New Zealand’s most beautiful landscapes
  • The unique Chatham Islands wildlife and flora, includes a visit to the wetlands and reserves to hear about the conservation initiatives on the island


Tour Inclusions

  • Return flights with Air Chathams
  • Pick up and drop off from the airport at Chatham
  • Accommodation and catering (drinks are at your own expense)
  • Access fees to private property
  • Guided tours by vehicle

Questions? Ring 0800 708 844